5000 Phrasal Verbs List pdf for SSC CGL

Phrasal Verbs List pdf

5000 Phrasal Verbs List pdf for SSC CGL, Phrasal Verbs List pdf with meaning & example, Phrasal Verbs list pdf download, All Phrasal verb list pdf.

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Phrasal Verbs List pdf

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#Phrasal VerbMeaningExample
1Abide byAccept or follow a decision or rule.We have to ABIDE BY what the court says.
2Account forTo explain.They had to ACCOUNT FOR all the
money that had gone missing.
3Ache forWant something or someone a lot.My partner’s been away for a fortnight- I
am ACHING FOR her.
4Act onTo take action because of something like
information received.
The police were ACTING ON a tip from
an informer and caught the gang redhanded.
5Act outPerform something with actions and
They ACTED OUT the story on stage.
6Act upBehave badly or strangely.My computer’s ACTING UP; I think I might have a virus.
7Act uponTo take action because of something like
information received.
The police were ACTING UPON a tipoff.
8Add onInclude in a calculation.You have to ADD the VAT ON to the
price they give.
9Add upTo make a mathematical total.We ADDED UP the bill to check it was
10Agree withAffect- usually used in the negative to show that something has had a negative effect, especially is it makes you feel bad.I feel terrible- that food didn’t AGREE
WITH my stomach.
11Aim atTo targetThe magazine is AIMED AT teenagers.
12Allow forInclude something in a plan or calculation.You should ALLOW FOR delays when
planning a journey.
13Allow ofMake possible, permit.The rules don’t ALLOW OF any
14Angle forTry to get something indirectly, by hinting
or suggesting.
He’s been ANGLING FOR an invitation,
but I don’t want him to come
15Answer forBe held responsible for a problem.The government should be made to
ANSWER FOR their failure to sort out
the problem.
16Argue downBeat someone in a debate, discussion or
The teacher tried to ARGUE the girl
DOWN, but she couldn’t.
17Argue outArgue about a problem to find a solution.If we can’t ARGUE our differences OUT,
we’ll have to take them to court.
18Ask afterEnquire about someone’s health, how life is going.Jenny rang earlier and ASKED AFTER
you, so I told her you were fine.
19Ask forTo provoke a negative reaction.You’re ASKING FOR trouble.
20Ask outTo invite someone for a date.He wanted to ASK her OUT but was too
21Ask roundInvite someone.We ASKED John ROUND for diner
22Back offRetreat.The police told the protesters to BACK
23Back outFail to keep an arrangement or promise.He BACKED OUT two days before the
holiday so we gave the ticket to his sister.
24Bail outSave, rescue.The government had to BAIL OUT the
airline because it was losing so much
25Bang upPut someone in prison.The judge BANGED him UP for eight
26Bawl outScold.She BAWLED Raj OUT for getting there
27Be alongArrive.The next bus should BE ALONG in the
next quarter of an hour or so.
28Be downBe depressed.He’s BEEN DOWN since his partner left
29Bear withBe patient.Please BEAR WITH me a moment while I finish this email.
30Beat outNarrowly win in competition.The marathon runner barely BEAT OUT his rival at the tape.
31Belong toBe a member.He BELONGS TO a secret society.
32Belt upBe quiet.She told the students to BELT UP because they were making so much noise.
33Black outFall unconscious.He BLACKED OUT and collapsed on the
34Block inShade or fill in.He BLOCKED IN the events in his
35Block upFill a space so that nothing can pass.The pipe’s BLOCKED UP and no water
gets through.
36Blow inArrive, sometimes suddenly or
He BLEW IN from Toronto early this
37Blow upExplode.The bomb BLEW UP without any
38Book inMake a reservation in advance.I’ll BOOK us IN at the Intercontinental.
39Box inPrevent something from moving,
especially vehicles.
I was BOXED IN by the bus and couldn’t
change lane.
40Break awayLeave an organisation, usually to form a
new one.
The SDP BROKE AWAY from the
Labour Party.
41Break inGo into a building to steal something.The burglars BROKE IN and stole the TV
and video.
Pass a barrier or obstacle.The crowd BROKE THROUGH the
police barriers and attacked the hunters.
43Bring backCause someone to remember.Visiting my old school BROUGHT
BACK memories of when I was a pupil
44Bring outRelease or publish.The band are BRINGING OUT a new
CD in the autumn.
45Bring upMention.They didn’t BRING the subject UP at the
46Call afterName someone after somebody else.She was CALLED Rose AFTER her late
47Call aroundVisit.I CALLED AROUND but she wasn’t in.
48Call backReturn a phonecall.I must CALL her BACK when we get to
the office.
49Call onAsk for help.The President CALLED ON the wealthy
countries for financial aid after the floods
destroyed much of the country’s
50Calm downStop being angry or emotionally excited.When I lose my temper, it takes ages for
me to CALM DOWN again.
51Cap offFinish or complete, often with some
decisive action.
She CAPPED OFF the meeting with a
radical proposal.
52Care forLike.I don’t CARE FOR fizzy drinks; I prefer
Make something progress.They hope the new management will be
able to CARRY the project FORWARD.
54Carry onContinue.CARRY ON quietly with your work until
the substitute teacher arrives.
55Carve upDivide into smaller pieces.They CARVED the company UP and sold
a lot off.
55Cash inConvert shares, bonds, casino chips, etc,
into money.
They CASHED IN their bonds and spent
the money on a holiday
56Cast offDispose, get rid of.They CAST OFF any semblance of
politeness and attacked us viciously
57Cast outExpel, reject.They CAST him OUT because of his behaviour.
58Catch onBecome popularMany critics were shocked when techno
CAUGHT ON in the clubs.
59Catch outTrick.The exam is designed to CATCH you
60Catch upGet work, etc, up to date.I was ill for a fortnight and now I’ve got
to CATCH UP on the work I missed.
61Cave inCollapse.The roof CAVED IN because of the
weight of the snow.
62Check inRegister on arriving at a hotel or at the
They CHECKED IN at the Ritz
63Check outPay the bill when leaving a hotel.She CHECKED OUT and took a cab to
the airport.
64Cheer onEncourage.Their CHEERED their team ON
throughout the match.
65Chill outRelax.I’m staying at home and CHILLING OUT
this evening.
66Chip inContribute some money.Everybody CHIPPED IN to pay the bill
67Chuck upQuit somethingShe didn’t like the course, so she
CHUCKED it UP after a few weeks.
68Clear outLeave somewhere.I told them to CLEAR OUT because they
were making so much noise.
69Clear upExplain.Could you CLEAR these points UP
before we go any further?
70Cling onHold tight.He told me to CLING ON as the
motorbike accelerated.
71Close inApproach, get near.The police were CLOSING IN so they
decided to try to make a break.
72Close outIgnore, exclude.They always CLOSE me OUT of their
73Close upJoin together.The leaves CLOSE UP when it rains.
74Come backReturn.I left work and CAME BACK home
75Come byVisit.I’ll COME BY after work and see if you
need any help
76Come intoInherit.She CAME INTO a lot of money when
her grandmother died.
77Come onEncouragement.COME ON; don’t give up now when
you’re so close to finishing.
78Come outDisappear when washed.The red wine I spilt just will not COME
OUT of the carpet no matter what I try to
clean it with.
79Come overFeel strange.I CAME OVER all faint and weak
because my sugar level was too low
80Cool offBecome calmer.We’ll talk to Fred once he COOLS OFF
and can talk rationally.
81Count upAdd.COUNT UP the number of tickets sold,
82Cover forProvide an excuse or alibi.She asked me to COVER FOR her if
anyone asked where she’d gone.
83Cut outLeave quickly.We’d better CUT OUT, the security men
are on the way
84Cut upCut into smaller pieces.After cutting the tree down, the logger
CUT it UP into logs.
85Die forWant something a lot.I’m DYING FOR the weekend- this
week’s been so hard.
86Dig inStart eating greedilyWe were starving so we really DUG IN
when the food finally did arrive.
87Fall inCollapse.The ceiling FELL IN hurting a lot of
88Fall offDecreaseThe membership FELL OFF dramatically
when the chairperson resigned.
89Fill inComplete a form.I FILLED IN the application form and
posted it off.
90Fly atAttack.The dog FLEW AT the cat when it came
into the garden
91Freeze upBe blocked with ice.The pipes all FROZE UP so no water
came through.
92Geek outTalk at length about computing.Henry always GEEKS OUT at parties and
bores all the people who don’t know
much about computers
93Get afterChase.GET AFTER her and give her the
message before she leaves the building.
94Get atCriticise.His boss is always GETTING AT him for
arriving late.
95Get offStop talking on the phone.Let me know when he GETS OFF the
phone as I need to make a call.
96Get onContinue doing something.The teacher asked the pupils to GET ON
with some work quietly as she had to
leave the classroom.
97Get onLeave.I must be GETTING ON; I have other
things to do this evening.
98Get overGet to the other side.We couldn’t GET OVER the river
because of the floods.
99Go byThe passing of time.Ten years WENT BY before we saw each
other again.
100Go downSink.The Titanic WENT DOWN after it hit an
iceberg on its maiden voyage

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