Linux Commands List Pdf

Linux Commands List Pdf

Linux Commands List Pdf, Complete List of Linux Commands pdf, All linux commands with examples and syntax.

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Linux Commands List Pdf

Linux is a free and open-source operating system that is based on Unix. It was originally developed by Linus Torvalds in 1991 and has since become one of the most widely used operating systems in the world, particularly on servers, supercomputers, and embedded systems. Linux is known for its stability, security, and flexibility, and its user base includes individuals, small organizations, and large corporations. Linux also provides users with a wide range of software and tools, including office applications, web servers, programming languages, and games. Additionally, Linux is highly customizable and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of its users.

Linux commands are instructions that are used to interact with the operating system. Some common Linux commands include:

Linux Commands List Pdf – Basic Commands

pwdprints the current working directory
cdallows one to change directory
lslists the contents of a directory
aliascreate a shortcut to another command or name to execute a long string.
mkdircreate a directory
cpcopy a file or directory
rmremoves or deletes a file or directory
mvmoves or renames a file or directory

Linux Commands List Pdf – Directory Navigation and Listing

cdchange to home directory
cd ..go up to parent directory
cd subdirchange to subdirectory subdir
lslist content of current directory
ls -llist content with details
ls -alist content including hidden files

Linux Commands List Pdf – File Commands

cp src destcopy src file to dest file
cp -r sDir dDircopy “recursively” sDir directory to
dDir directory (copies subdirectories
mv src destmove – renames src as dest
rm fileNameremoves file fileName
rm -r dirNameremoves directory recursively
rmdir dirNameremoves empty dirName
mkdir dirNamemakes directory called dirName
chmod 750 file1change permission of file1 by
specifying a three digit octal # where
digits are owner, group, world
each octal digit in binary are:
read (4) ,write (2) ,execute (1)
cat file1display file1 to screen
less file1display file1 with pagination
(space – next page, q-exit, ↑,↓- keys)

Process Management

psList processes with pid
topShows the real-time processes
kill -9 pidKills the process with pid #

Keyboard Shortcuts

<tab>Auto-complete partial file
<ctrl> + cKill current command/program
<ctrl>+zSleep current program
<↑>Recall previous command(s)
<ctrl>+dlog-off and close terminal

Linux Commands List Pdf – Other Commands

  • passwd: change password
  • chsh: change default shell
  • df: report disk space usage by filesystem
  • du: estimate file space usage – space used under a particular directory or files on a file system.
  • sudo: run command as root (only if you have access)
  • mount: mount file system (root only)
  • umount: unmount file system (root only)
  • shutdown: reboot or turn off machine (root only)
  • top: Produces an ordered list of running processes
  • htop: An interactive process viewer for Linux (not installed by default)
  • free: Display amount of free and used memory in the system
  • file: Determine file type
  • touch: change file timestamps or create file if not present
  • date: display or set date and time
  • find : Find a file find /dir/to/search -name file-to-search
  • wc: Count words, lines and characters in a file wc -l .bashrc
  • grep: Find patterns in a file grep alias .bashrc
  • awk: File processing and report generating awk ’{print $1}’ file1
  • sed: Stream Editor sed ’s/home/HOME/g’ .bashrc
  • set: manipulate environment variables set -o emacs
  • ln: Link a file to another file ln -s file1 file2
  • head: Display first lines of a file head file1
  • tail: Display last lines of a file tail file1
  • wait: wait until all backgrounded jobs have completed
  • which: shows the full path of (shell) commands
  • whatis: display manual page descriptions

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