MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF 2023

MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF

MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF 2023, Most Used MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF for Windows, Ribbon keyboard shortcuts Keys for Windows.

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MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF

Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet application that can help you with various tasks, from data entry to data analysis. Here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts that can help you work more efficiently in Excel:

MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF – General

Open HelpF1
Undo Last ActionCtrl+Z
Redo last actionCtrl+Y
Copy selectionCtrl+C
Repeat last actionF4
Cut SelectionCtrl+X
Paste content from clipboardCtrl+V
Display the Paste Special dialog boxCtrl+Alt+V
Display find and replace with find tab selectedCtrl+F
Display nd and replace with Replace tab selectedCtrl+H
Find previous match (after initial Find)Ctrl+Shift+F4
Find next match (after initial Find)Shift +F4
Insert embedded chartAlt+F1
Insert chart in new sheetF11
Toggle AutolterCtrl+Shift+L
Activate filterAlt+↧
Create tableCtrl+T
Select table rowShift+Space
Select table columnCtrl + Space
Select table (when active cell is in table)Ctrl+A
Clear slicer lterAlt+C
Run SpellcheckF7
Open ThesaurusShift+F7
Open Macro dialog boxAlt+F8
Open VBA EditorAlt+F11
Duplicate objectCtrl+D
Snap to grid (whilst dragging)Alt
Hide or show objectsCtrl+6
Open Modify Cell Style dialog boxAlt+’
Show right-click menuShift+F10
Display control menuAlt+Space

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MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF – Worksheet

Insert new worksheetShift+F11
Go to next worksheetCtrl+PgDn
Go to previous worksheetCtrl+PgUp
Rename current worksheetAlt+O, H,R
Delete current worksheetAlt+E,L
Move current worksheetAlt+E, M
Move between the worksheet, Ribbon, task pane
and zoom controls in a worksheet that has been
F6 or Shift+F6
Select adjacent worksheetsCtrl+Shift+PgUp/PgDn
Select non-adjacent worksheetsCtrl+Click
Toggle scroll lockScrLk
Toggle full screenCtrl+Shift+F1
Open print preview windowCtrl+F2
Set print areaAlt+P, R S
Clear print areaAlt+P, R C
Zoom inCtrl+ Mouse Wheel Up
Zoom outCtrl+ Mouse Wheel Down
Protect sheetAlt+R, PS

MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF – Workbook

Create new workbookCtrl+N
Open workbookCtrl+O
Save workbookCtrl+S
Save asF12
Go to next workbookCtrl+Tab
Go to previous workbookCtrl+Shift+Tab
Minimize current workbook windowCtrl+F9
Maximize current workbook windowCtrl+F10
Protect workbookAlt+R, PW
Close current workbookCtrl+F4
Close ExcelAlt+F4

MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF – Ribbon

Expand or collapse ribbonCtrl+F1
Activate access keysAlt
Move through Ribbon tabs and groups↦ ↤ ↥ ↧
Activate or open selected controlSpace or Enter
Conrm control changeEnter
Get help on selected controlF1

Navigation Excel Shortcuts

  • Move one cell right – →
  • Move one cell left – ←
  • Move one cell up – ↑
  • Move one cell down – ↓
  • Move one screen right – Alt + PgDn
  • Move one screen left – Alt + PgUp
  • Move one screen up – PgUp
  • Move one screen down – PgDn
  • Move to right edge of data region – Ctrl + →
  • Move to left edge of data region – Ctrl + ←
  • Move to top edge of data region – Ctrl + ↑
  • Move to bottom edge of data region – Ctrl + ↓
  • Move to beginning of row – Home
  • Move to last cell in worksheet that contains data – Ctrl + End
  • Move to rst cell in worksheet – Ctrl + Home
  • Turn End mode on – End

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Formatting Excel Shortcuts

  • Format cells – Ctrl + 1
  • Display Format Cells with Font tab selected – Ctrl + Shift + F
  • Apply or remove bold – Ctrl + B
  • Apply or remove italics – Ctrl + I
  • Apply or remove underscore – Ctrl + U
  • Apply or remove strikethrough – Ctrl + 5
  • Align center – Alt + H , A C
  • Align left – Alt + H , A L
  • Indent – Alt + H , 6
  • Remove indent – Alt + H , 5
  • Wrap text – Alt + H , W
  • Align top – Alt + H , A T
  • Align middle – Alt + H , A M
  • Align bottom – Alt + H , A B
  • Increase font size one step – Alt + H , F G
  • Decrease font size one step – Alt + H , F K

Number Formatting Excel Shortcuts

  • Apply general format – Ctrl + Shift + ~
  • Apply number format – Ctrl + Shift + !
  • Apply time format – Ctrl + Shift + @
  • Apply date format – Ctrl + Shift + #
  • Apply currency format – Ctrl + Shift + $
  • Apply percentage format – Ctrl + Shift + %
  • Apply scientic format – Ctrl + Shift + ^

Note: These shortcuts may vary based on the version of Excel you are using and the keyboard layout you have selected.

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